Women Fitness: 3 Common Doubts


There are so many doubts about women fitness and training.
It is no surprise that people, especially women, are confused about whether training is the best or the worst in the world.

Let’s look at the truth apart from the image to feel better about what you are doing and make steady progress towards your fitness goals. There are four common myths and misconceptions about weight training.

Women Fitness, Training And Diet Doubts:

Women Fitness Doubt 1: Confusion About Diet

I like the food that I want, and I know it won’t work that way. Sure, you burn calories from exercising, but not nearly enough to make up for the lack of fit for your luxury. This is not to say that you will not be able to enjoy the food you love or may occasionally join the feast. You have to use control.


If you overdo it and are a bit overwhelmed by the sweetness, then forget about it and move on. Don’t try to compensate by doing too much cardio because it doesn’t work, and “punishing” yourself only has an unhealthy relationship with diet and exercise.

Women Fitness Doubt 2: Confusion About Fat Loss

  • Trouble losing belly fat and love handle.
  • Fat loss on inner thighs, lower back, abdomen.
  • Shedding those last 10 pounds.

We always hear this from many people

We all have small areas of stimulation, usually the abdomen, lower back, and our inner or outer thighs. Like a lousy night guest, body fat also wants to come and not leave.


The inability to lose fat in these areas can be frustrating, especially if you have made significant progress in other areas of your body. You may have heard of “area reduction”, where you can carefully target fat loss in specific areas of your body is not practically possible.

You can reduce these areas’ visuals by lowering your overall body fat and increasing your muscles. Diet affects your overall body fat, so it can help reduce your complex regions.
You can also do exercises (training) designed to build muscle in your complex areas. Do not believe in anything that promises to reduce the size. This does not work.

Women Fitness Doubt 3: Confusion About Training and Getting Big

Stop listening around the gym or the internet: gaining weight is not going to change you big.

Why not? It is effortless: testosterone is not enough to raise women. Men have 15–20 time more testosterone levels than women, and they require rigorous training and proper nutrition to gain muscle.


If you are new to the elliptical or elevator, you may find improvement faster than what was temporarily done. But don’t worry that your hands and feet will suddenly crack after a few sets of squats and rope curls; that will not happen. If you get up for 3-6 months and feel “big”, I’m afraid it may be due to poor diet and increased body fat, not to increase muscle size.

You can make anybody you want, no matter what others think – as long as you are good. One person may see it as “big” or “very muscular”, and another may see it as “whole”. What others think of you is irrelevant.

These are the common women fitness doubts they have.

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