Top 8 Best Supplements Helps You In Weight Management


Bodybuilding Supplements can benefit your progress in weight management which I have highlighted below for you. However, I have kept your supplement usage to a minimum. I’ve done this because I was hoping you could focus on wholesome foods, and I also want to keep your budget in mind.
I’ve listed more supplements that I’d recommend you include to maximise your results.

1. EAA (Essential Amino Acids)


EAA is an essential bodybuilding supplement for weight management you can add to your post-workout routine. I want you to do your programme without any and see how you go. You can potentially look to introduce EAA into your post-workout shake from a very fast-acting source.

2. Omega 3s( weight management )

bodybuilding supplements are one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health, fat loss and muscle building goals. Omega 3s carry various benefits, with the main ones being improved insulin sensitivity and natural testosterone production.


Omega 3s help make your cells more permeable which means that you’re less prone to insulin resistance which is a key factor in fat loss. Maximising insulin sensitivity is one of the significant points for optimising fat loss.

Women should take 1-2g 10-20 minutes after meal 1 and a further 1-2g 10-20 minutes after meal 5.

Men should take 2g 10-20 minutes after meal 1 and a further 2g 10-20 minutes after meal 5.

3. Gut Health

Gut health is the most complex part of bodybuilding supplements and weight management. We are maximising gut health for longevity and faster results.  The gut is the gateway into your body, where all of the nutrients are processed and assimilated. If your gut health isn’t good, then your ability to create the physique you want will suffer. To offer a multi-pronged attack on boosting gut health, We recommend the following:

  • Digestive enzyme 5-10 minutes before 3 meals
  • Pro-biotic immediately after 3 meals
  • Green Veggies Powder

Upon waking, take your greens powder, digestive enzyme and pro-biotic 10-20 minutes before meal 1. Following that, take one more serving of your digestive enzyme 10-20 minutes before meal 3. This will apply to men and women. This gives you an extra boost to improve your gut health and performance, which I guarantee will benefit you down the line.

4. Vitamin D3(weight management)


Vitamin D3 plays many vital roles in boosting overall health. The majority of the world are thought to be deficient in this vitamin. Vitamin D3 is a key regulator of calcium which helps improve bone health. I’d highly recommend you supplement with Vitamin D3 to enhance overall health and function. Vitamin D is a highly recommended bodybuilding supplements.

Women should take 1,000IU 10-20 minutes after a meal.

Men should take 2,000 IU 10-20 minutes after a meal.

5. Vitamin C For weight management:


Vitamin C is the key player in boosting immune health, critical for your transformation. When you consider lots of physical exertion can suppress your immune system, it makes even more sense to promote it with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the most important bodybuilding supplements.

In the post-workout window, you can supplement it at different times of the day. Both men and women should take 1G 10-20 minutes after a meal.

6. Zinc


Zinc is a natural mineral that carries many benefits, one of which is being a natural booster of testosterone.

This is key for both men and women. A natural elevation in anabolic hormones will often lead to faster fat loss and muscle growth/recovery.

You can add this bodybuilding supplements in your diet for better health.

Women should take 15mg 10-20 minutes after meal 1 and a further 10mg 10-20 minutes after a meal.

Men should take 15mg 10-20 minutes after meal 1 and a further 15mg 10-20 minutes after a meal.

7. Magnesium


Your body transformation will be highly intensive on your CNS (central nervous system) and muscle tissue. Magnesium is a natural mineral that is very effective at promoting faster recovery rates, as it allows your CNS to “relax”, which in turn leads to faster muscle recovery.

Women should take 250mg 10-20 minutes after a meal. 

Men should take 250mg 10-20 minutes after a meal.

8. Calcium


Calcium is a natural mineral that carries multiple benefits to the body, including improved bone health and generally supports tissue repairs. Combined with Vitamin D3, it’s a great addition to improving overall wellness and recovery.

Women should take 500mg 10-20 minutes after a meal.

Men should take 500mg 10-20 minutes after a meal.

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