Protein Supplements Myths And Facts


Many discussions about protein Supplements myths and facts, like “Is protein good for you?” and “Do I need them?”. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the correct information you need, so I’m here to help.

Most people drink protein shakes to increase muscle mass and strength and improve physical performance. Here, we review the protein supplement myths and facts to see if they’re good for you, busting some common myths about this popular post-gym drink.

Are Protein Supplements Good for You?

Protein Supplements are a quick and efficient way to get large amounts of protein before and after a workout. If you’re a very active person, you need more Protein than you can sit down, and protein supplements are a great option at any time of day

Since some protein sources, such as red meat, are high in calories and fat, protein shakes can be an excellent option for someone active and trying to lose weight.

How Do Protein Supplements Work?

Protein supplements provide additional dietary protein that helps build muscle after exercise and prevents muscle loss.


When you take a post-workout protein shake, you provide the building blocks of nutrients that your muscles need to rebuild.

Protein works in three ways: building muscle, preventing muscle damage, and promoting endurance recovery after exercise.

Who Can Use Protein Supplements?

Protein supplements are beneficial for athletes and people who build muscle, lose weight or increase stamina.

When it comes to weight management and weight loss, adding protein is the most convenient way to maintain a high-protein diet without the preferred calories.


They can be made from water and powdered protein, making them very convenient for those travelling with a busy lifestyle.

Other people who may benefit from a protein shake are those who don’t have time to eat a complete meal and need a source of protein while travelling, or those who are strictly vegetarian or vegan, looking to get enough protein. They can fight for, only from their diet.

Is Any Harm To Use Protein Supplement?

People thought that protein was harsh on the digestive system and kidneys, but protein shakes are now well researched and designed to support health and not harm the body. It is entirely safe to use daily routine.

Is Protein Shakes Make You Fat?

A protein shake is not something that you should consume every day. Like other calorie sources, consuming more than you burn will lead to weight gain in the long run. If your daily diet is already high in protein and calories, you will gain weight if you consume too many proteins shakes that you don’t need.

If weight gain is your goal, a protein shake that helps you gain lean mass instead of fat can be a low-fat and low-carb option.

Taking Protein Supplements After Workout?

Protein shakes are designed to help build and repair muscle—this is needed after a heavy lift. Still, it can also be effective for low-intensity exercises such as yoga or after a workout in cardio.

When To Take Protein Supplement?

Although it was previously thought that you should consume your protein shake within 30 minutes after an exercise, research now shows that there are benefits to increasing your protein intake up to 24 hours after your workout.


So, when you ingest your shake right before and after your workout, you’re given the building blocks your body needs to build and heal, which you can change. For example, timing your shake based on your diet or daily schedule.

The most common mistake to avoid is mixing your shake with a high-protein diet. Our bodies have a limit on how much protein we can get in one go, so it’s best to spread your protein over 3-4 meals or snacks throughout the day.

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