Protein For Kids: Benefits And Requirements


Protein for kids is a very complex topic for parents; children of all ages need healthy food to meet their daily requirements for proper growth and development. This is important because protein plays a variety of roles in the body. For example, protein is an essential component of many hormones and enzymes and plays a vital role in the recovery and repair of skeletal muscle after exercise.
Children are selective in food, but eating a balanced diet is a parent’s primary responsibility. Your kids need to eat nutritious food for their proper growth and development. Protein should be an essential part of your kid’s diet. You need to monitor your child’s protein intake, as required in your child’s growing years.

Why Do Your Kids Need Protein?

protein for kids

In childhood, protein is incredibly important for maintaining normal body function and providing the building blocks that support growth. Since growth occurs rapidly in childhood, the amount of protein a child consumes is significant. On the other hand, consistently high protein intake in childhood is associated with an increased risk of being overweight or obese in early childhood and early adulthood. It appears that 10-15 per cent of the daily caloric intake for children should come from protein.

Which Protein Is Best For Kids?

When trying to determine which rich foods are best for your kids, keep in mind that unless your child has any dietary restrictions.
Animal-based resources such as meat and milk can support growth and development.
Most animal-based proteins contain enough leucine to promote protein synthesis; In addition, research shows that animal-based proteins, such as milk, respond better to protein synthesis.

protein for kids

Therefore, it is best to use animal sources such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, lean meats and eggs to provide the bulk of your kids intake.
Use healthy snacks like nuts, peanut butter and hummus to make up for other nutritional deficiencies, but not as a primary source of protein. While a milk or yoghurt smoothie is a healthy, packed snack, most children can get enough nutrition from a balanced diet rich in whole foods.

Benefits Of Protein For Kids:

 1.Protein For Kids Help Boost Their Metabolism:

Eating protein can temporarily increase metabolism. This is because the body uses energy to digest and use the nutrients in food. In protein, enzymes and hormones ensure that the body’s metabolism continues in a healthy form.

2. Protein For Kids Promotes Their Cells Growth:

Protein is essential for the production and reproduction of cells in the body. It replenishes blood, heals wounds and regulates hair and nail growth.

3. Protein For Kids Helps strengthen Their Immune System:

Protein helps keep your kids immune system strong and fights bacteria and viruses that cause disease. In addition, proteins act as antibodies that help the immune system.

Requirements Protein For Kids:

The protein needs of a child depend on his body and age. Since protein is an essential nutrient for your kids, you need to make sure that your kids meet the ideal protein requirements daily.

protein for kids

The protein required for children of different ages is given below:

1 – 3 Years13 – 14 grams
4 – 8 Years19 – 20 grams
9 – 13 Years34 – 35 grams
14 – 18 Years45 – 46 grams

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