Wellbeing Nutrition Grandma’s Kadha 15 Tab


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Key Features

  • 100% Organic, Plant-Based
  • Rooted in the trusted science of ayurveda kadha / detox immunity tea / detox kahwa tea/ herbal tea/ ginger tea
  • A unique blend of 13 potent ayurvedic, organic and adaptogenic herbs & spices including turmeric (curcumin), tulsi leaves (holy basil)
  • Sugar-Free, GMP Certified


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Manufactured By : Scitech Specialities Pvt. Ltd. A-3 STICE, Musalgaon, Taluka Sinnar, Nashik- 422112

Import By : Wellbeing Nutrition, Kirol Village, Vidya Vihar West, Mumbai-400086

Sold By : Arc Fitness Pune

Country Of Origin : India

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Wellbeing Nutrition Grandma’s Kadha:

Wellbeing nutrition grandmas kadha It has natural antibiotic and immunity-boosting properties to prevent and ease cough, cold, headaches and infections. To be consumed for quick relief from the early signs of sickness like a runny nose, itchy throat, body aches and weakness. Simply drop a tab in hot water to sip on this pure, effective and time-trusted remedy.

Grandma’s Kadha has no side effects and is 100% natural. Make it a part of your daily self-care ritual to maintain your wellbeing.

One Tube = 15 water-soluble tablets

Wellbeing Nutrition Grandma’s Kadha A time-tested Ayurvedic remedy for cold, cough, headache and infections. An age-old immunity booster. Reimagined.

Wellbeing nutrition grandmas kadha 13 adaptogenic herbs.

Wellbeing nutrition grandmas kadha It has natural antibiotic and immunity-boosting properties to prevent and ease cough, cold, headaches and infections Discover ingredients that help us adapt to and recover from physical and mental stress. We’ve found just the right combination to give the body a biological boost to cope with stress. By hacking your stress, we ensure you’re less likely to fall sick.


Builds your immune system


Helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body


Has anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties


Has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves the discomfort of the abdomen or ulcers


Rich in antioxidants and helps in controlling diabetes & high blood pressure


Has a great number of antioxidant properties


Has the potential to prevent heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancer


Boosts the immune system and regulates blood sugar levels and lipids


Reduces high blood pressure and cures difficult breathing problems


Can regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of a heart disease


Has anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-asthmatic and anti-tumour properties


A brain-boosting herb cures anxiety, tension, headaches and insomnia


A multifunctional herb acts as a digestive stimulant and reduces inflammation

Wellbeing Nutrition Grandmas Kadha Active Ingredients

Turmeric (curcumin), tulsi leaves (holy basil), mulethi (liquorice), coriander (parsley), black pepper (piper nigrum), dry ginger, shankapushpi, echinacea, amla (Indian gooseberry), bharangi (blue glory), kulinjan (galangal), kalmegh (green chiretta) and adulsa (adhatoda/vasaka).

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Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Container 15
Serving Size 1 Tablet
Each Effervescent Tablet Contains Amount Per Serving %Dv*
Calories/Energy 2 Kcal 0.1%
Total Carbohydrates 0.55g
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Amla Extract 250mg
Dry Ginger Extract 100mg
Coriander Seed Extract 100mg
Vasaka Extract 100mg
Black Pepper Extract 90mg
Kalmegh Extract 90mg
Shankapushpi Extract 70mg

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