Rule 1 Gain 5lbs Chocolate Fudge


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Key Features

  • Rule 1 Gain High-protein Lean Gain Formula.
  • ZERO Creamers.
  • ZERO Spiking.
  • ZERO Soy Protein.
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Manufactured By : Rule One Proteins, LLC. ATTN: RETURNS 1785 N. Edgelawn Dr. Aurora, IL 60506

Sold By : Arc Fitness, Pune, India

Country Of Origin : United States Of America

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Rule 1 Gain 5 lbs:

Rule 1 Gain 5 lbs High-protein Lean Gain Formula. Rule 1 Gain already has a decent base, but you want to add mass. Not just any mass, quality mass. Enter R1 Gain – a lean gainer formula with a heavy emphasis on protein. 50 grams worth.

Unlike mass gainers that focus on total calories, lean gainers take into consideration where the calories are coming from. Fewer carbs. Fewer sugars. More protein. Quality gains.

  • ZERO Creamers
  • ZERO Spiking
  • ZERO Soy Protein

Weight gainers are designed for maximum size. Lean gainers contain fewer calories, but provide as much or more protein as weight gainers. Weight gainers are suggested for “hard-gainers” with smaller appetites and/or faster metabolisms. Lean gainers tend to be used by athletes that already have a good base and are looking to add size more gradually. Pound for pound, lean gainers are more expensive than weight gainers.

Rule 1 Gain should be combined with a balanced diet and exercise. Use R1 Gain in place of one or more of your daily protein shakes for extra calories. The complex carbs in R1 Gain also help reefed glycogen stores after workouts.

Rule 1 Gain is higher in protein and contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than R1 LBS. Rule 1 Gain is considered a lean gainer. R1 LBS is a traditional weight gainer with over 1,000 calories. If you consider weight gain and a mass gainer supplement, you may need a higher calorie option.

However, the high-calorie content in mass gainers is due to high carbon. Carbon is the primary energy source for intense exercise and does not cause muscle growth on its own.

However, high carb products are beneficial for very active people who are struggling to gain weight. Here are the top 5 mass achievers who appreciate over 1,000 calories per serving – listed as the lowest and highest calories.

Rule 1 Gain Benefits:

1. Meet calorie needs
The most important reason for weight gain is that they help you meet your daily caloric needs
The need is simple. If you are a ‘hard worker’ you should eat a ton for profit. Even small weights, and then weight gain medications are ideal for you. They are balanced
Nutrition can help you gain weight in the right healthy way. Choose body weight with this thousand of calories per shake.

2. Exercise and daily items are available
You can take dietary supplements or specially formulated weight gain medications. Along with your diet to increase your calories. That may be if you choose to lose weight
Eat before or after exercise, select an item with a high carbohydrate content And contain as much fat as possible.

3. Special formulation to keep you lean
When choosing a weight gain supplement, you can choose from a wide variety. A particular type of fat that helps you lose weight through your bodybuilding process.
Fat is the most significant variable macro-nutrient in the diet, so take it in proper form. Choose a rich and low-weight gain supplement with medium-chain triglycerides and Saturated fat.

4. Calorie intake varies
Weight gainers are available in a variety of calories. You can choose
Well suited to your needs. When taken regularly, it burns 400 calories
Also, gaining 800 calories can make a big difference. Ask your nutritionist for help. Also, Be careful not to overdo it with calories, which can lead to an increase in fat.

5. Faster recovery
Another important reason for weight gain is that it helps in faster recovery from AI Exercises. People often overlook the fact that recovery is equally important as exercise
Therefore, proper calorie intake is essential. Weight gainers are loaded with L-glutamine,
A unique amino acid that plays a critical role in post-exercise recovery.

Rule 1 Gain Directions:

Tasty Shakes: Mix two (2) scoops of R1 Gain with approx. 400-600 ml. of water, milk, or your favourite beverage in a shaker cup or glass with a spoon.

Juicy Smoothies: Add your favourite fruit and ice to the above, mix in a blender and enjoy

Rule 1 Ingredients: Carbohydrates Blend (Maltodextrin, Organic Rice Bran, Pea Starch [carbs] Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate.

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5 lbs


Chocolate Fudge

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Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Container 16
Serving Size 2 scoops (142 g)
Amount Per Serving Calories 530
Total Fat 4%
Saturated Fat 2g 10%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 75 mg 25%
Total Carbohydrate 75 g 27%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Total Sugars 5g
Includes 3g Added Sugars 6%
Protein 50 g 100%

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