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Key Features

  • MuscleBlaze Biozyme Isolate Whey Protein also significantly lowers any possible stomach discomfort in body-building consumers by enabling enhanced protein digestion.
  • The product delivers 25g of protein per 31g serving which is ideal for customers targeting lean muscle gains.
  • Muscleblaze Biozyme Whey Protein is India’s First Labdoor, USA Certified Whey Protein with the highest possible grading of A+ with all-accurate claims & purity.
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Manufactured By : Twilight Litika Pharma Ltd., Tehsil Baddi Dist Solan (HP) - 174101

Import By : MuscleBlaze Nutrition, Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. HR- 122001

Sold By : The Arc Fitness, Pune India

Country Of Origin : India

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MuscleBlaze Biozyme Isolate Whey Protein:

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Isolate Whey Protein Comes with Enhanced absorption formula (EAF) that provides 50% higher protein absorption and 60% higher BCAA absorption when compared to other whey isolates

  • Biozyme Whey Isolate also lowers the stomach discomfort in consumers due to enhanced protein digestion
  • The product delivers 25g of protein per 31g serving which is ideal for customers targeting lean muscle gains

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Isolate Whey Protein – Crafted for and tested on Indian bodies

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey has been clinically tested on Indian bodies for 50% higher protein absorption and 60% higher BCAA absorption*.





Certified by Labdoor for Purity and accuracy

Labdoor is an internationally recognized testing agency for sports nutrition supplement with strict international testing procedures. MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein is certified by Labdoor for purity and accuracy. Accuracy certification means the protein claims in the product is accurate while the purity certification means the product meets the international limits for heavy metals and microbiological parameters**.

50% higher protein absorption with

A carb friendly diet habit, Indian bodies are typically not accustomed to a high protein diet which in turn leads to lower protein absorption for us. Biozyme Whey Protein is formulated keeping these problems in mind using EAF and is clinically tested to provide 50% higher protein absorption* than other whey.

*Tested and approved by CTRI on 20/Feb/2019 (Clinical Trials Registry – India)

No more struggles to find the scoop

Lost scoop no more with MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey! The revolutionary scoop-on-top feature lets you stay free from the trouble of scoop getting lost in the powder. This ingenious feature was added to the product after extensive research and much thought by our experts. 

Product features




Clinically tested on Indian bodies

Indian diet is rich in carbs and fats and lacks protein content. This is the reason why Indians face a lot of issues with protein digestion and absorption. MuscleBlaze conducted India’s first-ever clinical sports nutrition study, exclusively on healthy young Indian bodies and figured out the solution to India’s Protein problem by developing MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey with Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF) which is patent pending.

25g protein per serving

It is a toilsome task to have all your daily protein from your diet alone. You might miss out on a good portion of protein and hence suffer.  The premium quality Whey protein absorbs very well and fuels your muscles. It helps in speedy muscle recovery and enhancing muscle size.

Enriched with Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF)

Indians often struggle with protein digestion and absorption due to their dietary habits. MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey is the solution to India’s Protein Problem as it is enriched with the revolutionary EAF (patent-pending) which allows seamless pre-digestion of protein. It also enables the body to fully exploit the advantages and availability of essential amino acids. 

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Isolate Whey Protein Ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Powder, Flavour Enhancer (INS 1101(i)), Stabilizer (INS 415), Sodium Chloride, MB Enzyme Pro®, Sweetener (INS 955) & Anticaking agent (INS 551).

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Isolate Whey Protein Direction Of Use:

Add 1 level scoop (31g) of Muscleblaze Biozyme Whey Isolate to 200 ml of cold water. Blend for 30 seconds for a delicious shake. Take 1-2 protein shakes per day or follows your dietician advice.

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2.2 lbs


Gourmet Chocolate, Ice Cream Chocolate

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Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Container 32
Serving Size 1 Level Scoop (31g)
Nutrients 100g Serving (31g) %RDA#
Energy(kcal) 357.1 110.7 4.06
Protein(g) 80 25 41.67
Carbohydrate(g) 6 1.9
Added Sugar(g) 0 0
Fat(g) 1.4 0.46
Saturated Fatty Acids(g) 0.89 0.28
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids(g) 0.43 0.13
poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids(g) 0.09 0.03
Trans Fatty Acids(g) 0 0
MB EnzymePro*(Proteases)(mg) 508 157.5

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