Healthfarm Elite Series BCAA 31 Servings


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Key Features

  • Faster Muscle Growth
  • Increased Strength
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass And Decrease Muscle Loss
  • Enhanced Nutrient Transport
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Manufactured By : Healthfarm Nutrition, Bison Organics, Plot no 27-30, Industrial Area Sansarpur Terrace,Kangra,HP 176501

Import By : Healthfarm Nutrition, Kangra, HP 176501

Sold By : The Arc Fitness, Pune, India

Country Of Origin : India

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Healthfarm Elite Series BCAA 31 Servings:

HEALTHFARM Elite Series BCAA Instantized BCAA in optimal 2.5g of Leucine, 1.25g Iso-Leucine & 1.25g Valine Also contains 1g of L-Glutamine Versatile sports drink for both pre-and post-workout use Helps sustain muscle strength for intensive workouts to promote muscle growth & reduces muscle fatigue and improves recovery time 


The amino acids function alone or as a group to trigger protein production for muscle growth and repair along with three important nutrients:

    • L-Leucine stimulates muscle growth and strength. It regulates blood sugar before and after exercise.
    • L-Valine prevents muscle breakdown during exercise and supports muscle metabolism and growth.
    • L-Isoleucine helps with energy production and increases nitrogen growth in muscle cells.
    • L-Citrulline can is recycled to arginine in the citrulline-NO cycle, in turn contributing to nitric oxide production.
    • L-Glutamine plays an important role in muscle function during and after exercise.


BCAAs are the essential amino acids that are leucine, isoleucine and valine, comprising about 30-44% muscle protein in the body. They are extremely vital for the body as the body doesn’t make them on its own and hence it requires an outside source like Food or workout supplements to cope up for the deficient amino acids in the body.

Leucine, Iso-leucine & Valine play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis and recovery. They also help balance muscle glycogen stores, which minimizes and ensures minimal protein breakdown during a workout. BCAA supplements are a sure shot way to boost your workout performance.

Why is an additional BCAA supplement required? Doesn’t protein provide enough BCAAs?

Amino Acids play a vital role in the body, rigorous workout sessions, heavy training or a power-packed gym session leads to depletion of amino acids in the body, and therefore, filling up the void for lost amino acids requires an additional food source or a BCAA Supplement.

BCAA supplements get easily absorbed by the muscles and work as an ultimate workout fuel, thereby decreasing muscle breakdown during training. Supplement your protein shake with BCAAs and preserve your glycogen store- for energy production and buildup.


Mix one heaping scoop (8g) with 300-350ml of chilled water or your favourite beverage.

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Orange Burst, Lemon Lime, Mango Delight, Green Apple, Watermelon Crush, Strawberry Ice

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Scoop(8g)
Servings Per Container 31
Approx Composition Per Serving Per 100g %RDA*
Energy 6.22kcal 77.76 0.22
Energy From Fat 0kcal 0
Protein 0g 0 0
Total Carbohydrates 0.84g 10.49
Sugar 0.13 1.62
Total Fat 0g 0
Saturated Fat 0g 0
Cholesterol 0mg 0
Trans Fatty Acids 0g 0
L-Leucine 2.5g 31.25
L-Isoleucine 1.25g 15.63
L-Valine 1.25g 15.63
L-Glutamine 1g 12.50
Electrolytes Providing
Sodium 4mg 50 0.19
Potassium 4mg 50 0.10

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