BPI Sports Best Glutamine – Unflavoured

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Key Features

  • Promotes recovery.
  • Supports lean muscle.
  • Promotes glycogen replenishment.
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Brands:BPI Sports

Manufactured By : Sigma LifeSciences, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400092.

Import By : Intergrit & Formulation By BPI Sports

Sold By : The Arc Fitness, Pune, India

Country Of Origin : India

BPI Sports Best Glutamine:

BPI Sports Best Glutamine Powder is used for a faster recovery, increased energy and overall improved health and wellness. Glutamine is an important amino acid that’s very crucial for optimal athlete performance. It prevents protein catabolism, or breakdown of proteins is vital for maintaining and improving physique.

BPI Best Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (a building block of protein) in the body and one of the best nutritional supplements for promoting recovery and building muscle mass. Intense exercise glutamine levels reduce stress in the body and the immune system, but with sufficient glutamine causes. Supplementation, can help your body recover and rebuild faster.

BEST GLUTAMINE is designed to prevent protein catabolism (the breakdown of muscle proteins) and support your efforts to train harder and longer. This product combines 6 advanced forms of glutamine and is designed to promote a rapid rise in cellular


  • Glutamine prevents the breakdown of muscles and helps improve your athletic performance
  • It aids in restoring the glutamine level in muscles, which gets depleted due to intense workouts
  • It supplies proteins to your muscles and thereby helps in enhancing your performance during a workout
  • Proteins are the main source of energy and play essential roles in various biological processes\


    • Amino acid (Glutamine)
  • Directions:

    Take one serving with approximately 180 ml of water or juice before, during, or after workouts. On non-training days, take one serving first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

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60 serv



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Headed Scoop(5g)
Servings Per Container 60 Servings
Nutrients Per 100g Per Serving(5g) %RDA
Energy 0.00kcal 0.00kcal 0.00
Protein 0.00g 0.00g 0.00
Total Carbohydrates 0.00g 0.00g 0%
Total Sugar 0.00g 0.00g 0%
Added Sugar 0.00g 0.00g 0%
Total Fat 0.00g 0.00g 0%
Cholesterol 0.00g 0.00g 0%
Sodium 0.00g 0.00g 0%
L-Glutamine 100g 5.00g 0%

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  1. Vilas shah

    Bpi glutamine powder have a great quality..just used my 1st serving and this a nice product

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