7 Best Pre-Workout Foods For Better Performance


Knowing which pre-workout foods for best results can be challenging and will vary from person to person. Some people like to get up early and work out before, which doesn’t apply to everyone; if you go through the day, you’ll want to eat earlier and pack some pre-workout as well. Read on to find out the best pre-workout foods to eat before exercising.

7 Pre-Workout Foods:

1. Omelet:


If you’re on your diet, you can’t get by without some egg daily. Although whole eggs contain a certain amount of healthy fat, omelet’s made with whole eggs or egg whites are a superior source of lean protein and muscle-building amino acids. Omelets should take 2-3 hours before a workout to prevent muscle stimulation and promote muscle growth – for added nutrition, include more vegetables in your diet, such as spinach or kale. Eggs are great options for pre-workout foods you can add to your daily routine.

2. Protein Shake:


If you’re travelling and in a hurry, a quick protein shake can solve your initial training nutritional needs. A good quality shake will have tons of nutrients. Drive into the shake an hour before your workout to maximize your achievements. It’s a quick option for pre-workout food.

3. Chicken, Brown rice And Vegetables:


Chicken, Brown rice and vegetables are is classic pre-workout foods. Combining a good source of lean protein and complex carbohydrates is dietary amino acids help promote anabolism and slow the release of energy. Eat such pre-workout food 2-3 hours before a workout.

4. Wholegrain Bread And Sweet Potatoes:


Wholegrain bread and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates that should be consumed 2-3 hours before the gym. Combining these foods with a good protein source (chicken and eggs) means you get slow-release energy to keep you stimulated throughout the workout. A physically active person should consume carbohydrates, especially those who regularly engage in endurance training such as cycling and running. These two complex carbohydrates are an excellent option for pre-workout foods.

5. Oatmeal:


Oat makes the ultimate pre-workout food. Oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates and is an excellent source of the soluble fibre, beta-glucan. By consuming oats 2 hours before a workout, you can satisfy your hunger everywhere while getting the best source of slow-release energy. Add a scoop of protein powder and peanut butter to your oatmeal – that way, and you’ll also get a good source of protein and amino acids to enhance your workout.

6. Bananas:


Bananas are a superior source of natural sugars, simple carbohydrates and potassium. Potassium is stored in the body only for a limited time, so try to eat a banana 30 minutes to an hour before a workout. Eating a banana as your pre-workout food is the perfect way to boost your glycogen stores and raise blood sugar levels.

7. Fruit Smoothie:


Fruit smoothies taste better and are super healthy. While smoothies provide a range of micronutrients beneficial to health and wellness, they are also rich in natural sugars. However, consuming a fruit smoothie is a great diet option that can provide you with an excellent source of fast-acting glucose. Add some protein powder to boost the benefits of your pre-workout smoothie.

Benefits Of Pre-Workout Foods:

If you want to train and perform at your best, you need to make sure your body has enough fuel to do it. If you fail to fuel yourself with the necessary energy and nutrients during a workout, you will not see results as soon as possible. Plus, in the long run, if you don’t eat proper pre-workout foods, your chances of getting sick or injured will increase.

Here are some benefits to fuel your body properly to break its fitness potential:

1. Give Yourself Plenty Of Energy:

Our body uses carbohydrate (glycogen) stores as a primary source of fuel. This is because they can be converted to ATP (adenosine triphosphate, i.e. energy) faster than proteins and fats. Therefore, replenishing your glycogen stores early workout means you’ll have more energy to perform at your best.

2. Prevents Muscle Damage:

When we exercise, glycogen stores are rapidly depleted and depleted, so the body is looking for new energy sources – our muscles. By breaking down stiff muscles, the body can use protein in amino acids for energy. This puts our bodies in a limited catabolic state (muscle breakdown), inhibiting muscle growth and recovery.

2.Enhances Muscle Growth:

Getting proper nutrition through your diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Muscle mass. This is called an anabolic environment.

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