Dymatize: The Best Health Supplement Brand In India


Dymatize brand makes a wide variety of sports nutrition Health Supplement products for many bodybuilders and athlete customers.
The brand is known for its wide range of flavours in Dymatize Whey Protein and Dymatize ISO100. The company’s ISO 100 has been in the “Isolated Protein of the Year” category for four years. It is the best protein supplement brand in India.

What Makes Dymatize One Of The Leading Brand In Indian Fitness Industries:

One of the most important questions a bodybuilder or athlete should ask themselves when choosing a sports nutrition product is, “How do we know if the product we choose is orderly, safe and effective?” There are extensive testing protocols for the Dymatize brand, not only during production but also after production. Dymatize is very specific about the ingredients that go into their products and test each for their nutritional value and effectiveness.


Dymatize only manufacture at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and sports certified facilities, so our bodybuilder or athlete can ensure that our products are clean, safe and free of prohibited substances. GMP is a system to ensure that products are manufactured and controlled at a consistently high level. Then, their products are tested with a quality assurance program for informed information, especially sports nutrition.

Dymatize also claim of 100 per cent of protein for one serving comes from high quality, pure, whole protein; they do not add amino acids to increase the amount of protein.
I am a user of the Dymatize brand, and I have used a wide range of their products; they have the best tasting whey proteins, and the results are outstanding, so I recommend the Dymatize brand for everyone.


Dymatize Wide Range Of Product You Should Try:

  1. Dymatize Elite Whey 100% Protein Powder 
  2. ISO 100 Protein Powder 
  3. Elite Casein Protein
  4. Super Mass Gainer
  5. All 9 Amino 
  6. Elie Xt
  7. PRE W.O
  8. Creatine Micronize
  9. Glutamine Micronize
  10. Iso 100 Clean

Dymatize Official Importers In India:

About half of the supplements sold in India are suspect – they are either parallel imports or fake. Fake supplements may contain banned substances, such as steroids, which may cause permanent damage to your body.

Numerous sellers in the market supply fake, illegitimate products as they can be obtained at half the price of their original counterparts. Arc Fitness sources all products directly from authorized importers of the manufacturing company. We do not involve any middlemen or secondary distributors like most others in this market.

Arc Fitness works for a passion for fitness and bodybuilding and not for commercial gain. We commit a lot of time, money, and effort to ensure that you get what you paid for.

Consuming fake supplements can have serious repercussions on your health. To list a few; skin diseases and rashes, kidney and liver, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, hair loss, and permanent organ damage.
So if you want authentic Dymatize products so you should know the official importers in India.

  1. Edge – India – Authorized partner (Pearl International)
  2. Muscle House India (MHI)- India – Authorized Partner

When your buying Dymatize products in India, please check the MRP stickers of these two importers and go through their authenticity check process mentioned on their website.

Why Dymatize?

Individuals using Nutritional products invest a lot of time and energy into their exercise routines. I want to pay attention to the fact that these people are natural athletes, and they require tremendous discipline and effort to do so. Every day a real commitment is needed to lift, compete, train yourself, build your best body or improve your overall performance.


I also know that there are some doubts in sports nutrition, so Dymatize makes sure that their product formulas are based on science. Beyond Sports Nutrition As they know today, people think about the fitness industry and brand in a new way. Dymatize is athletic nutrition, and they strive to supplement warm food in their products.

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