Glutamine is the complete amino acid in the body and is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid.


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What Is Glutamine?

An exercise enthusiast actively involved in any sport or anatomy knows the importance of a complete recovery. Intense exercise can cause muscle damage, and nutrient deficiencies can affect the recovery process and overall athletic performance. If a person needs something for daily fatigue, repair and muscle building, glutamine is the right strategy.

Glutamine is abundant in our body; About 50-60% and about 80% focus on skeletal muscle. The body can produce essential amino acids under this condition, but the demand can increase when under stress.

Health Benefits Of Glutamine Supplement

A person with a sedentary lifestyle does not need a glutamine supplement. But exercise can deplete glutamine levels and, if not replenished, can lead to muscle wasting. Conversely, excess glutamine can enhance muscle growth, reduce fatigue and the breakdown of protein.

1. Promote muscle growth: 

Glutamine helps build muscle by supplying nitrogen to the muscles. In addition, it stimulates the secretion of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which enhances muscle growth.

2. Prevent Stress: 

Performance stress is every day for athletes, exceptionally competitive athletes. Glutamine helps relieve stress and tension because glutamine is needed to make GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a powerful neurotransmitter to calm our minds and activate the brain’s nerves.

3. Improve Intestinal health: 

The gut is the body’s second brain as it houses most of the immune cells. Therefore, intestinal health is essential for staying healthy. Glutamine is required for the formation of intestinal cells, which ensures better absorption and utilization of nutrients.

4. Boost immunity: 

Glutamine plays an essential role in the immune system by fueling immune cells such as lymphocytes and macrophages. Low glutamine concentrations can impair the immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

5. Fight fatigue: 

Glutamine is also known as the anti-fatigue amino acid. Delays the onset of fatigue by fighting inflammation by preventing the accumulation of ammonia. In addition, our liver uses glutamine to generate energy from stored glycogen. Therefore, glutamine supplements do not feel filtered during a workout.

How To Use Glutamine Supplement?

Glutamine supplements are usually available in powder, tablet or capsule form. You can take them at any time of the day with water, juice or any beverage of your choice. However, the best time to consume glutamine is after exercise or bedtime to replenish lost glutamine stores.

I always prefer cold or liquid glutamine at room temperature. However, this amino acid can be affected by heat; Therefore, glutamine tablets or powders containing hot drinks are not recommended.

It is good to see the instructions mentioned in the pack for a better understanding.

Where To Buy Glutamine Supplement?

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