Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids: Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine.


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What Is BCAAs?

Amino acids (AA) make up the building blocks of a protein. There are twenty amino acids, of which nine falls under the essential category of amino acids. They are necessary because our body cannot produce these amino acids, and they need an external supply.

The complete form of BCAAs is Branch Chain Amino Acid, consisting of three essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. The similarity of their chemical structure extends only to one side as they belong to the same group.


This amino acid is hydrophobic. Leucine is involved in important physiological processes. It is essential for protein synthesis, which regulates energy metabolism and tissue regeneration.


Isoleucine is abundant in muscle tissue. Isoleucine amino acid is essential for energy metabolism, proper immune function, muscle growth and haemoglobin synthesis.


Like leucine and isoleucine, Valine is essential for muscle growth, inhibits energy metabolism, and is important for proper nitrogen balance in the body and smooth cognitive function.

BCAA supplements are part of the essential workouts of many pro, elite athletes and active individuals. They are primarily effective in staying healthy throughout exercise, reducing muscle damage, and reducing muscle fatigue.

BCAAs are essential for optimal health. Low levels can significantly block our energy levels. A constant supply of BCAAs is important for exercisers, endurance athletes, bodybuilders and other active people with intense fitness schedules; Therefore, it is necessary to increase.\

Health Benefits Of BCAAs:

BCAAs are also naturally present in proteins. But here are some ways that taking an additional BCAA supplement may be beneficial.

1. Induced Muscle Growth:

This is one of the significant benefits of making BCAAs popular among bodybuilders and powerlifters. Leucine, isoleucine and valine work together in the body to activate enzymes responsible for building muscle and increasing muscle mass.

2. Delaying Exercise Fatigue:

Exercise can reduce the level of BCAAs in the body. This low level triggers the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin, which determines the feeling of fatigue. BCAAs block this action of tryptophan, thereby delaying fatigue. Therefore, a BCAA supplement before or during a workout is best to train for extra strength, stamina and give it the best shot when competing.

3. Prevent Muscle Degeneration:

Intense exercise puts pressure on our muscles which leads to muscle wasting. A continuous supply of BCAAs can help prevent muscle damage and protect lean muscles.

4. Promote Weight Loss: 

Get BCAAs if you want to shed extra pounds. BCAAs regulate blood sugar levels, suppress unwanted sweet appetites, provide fullness, promote fat burning and maintain lean muscle mass.

5. Reduce Muscle Soreness: 

BCAAs are under rapid metabolism and are directly absorbed into the muscles; They pass through the liver to provide faster muscle recovery. If you’re struggling to recover after an intense exercise session, a BCAAs supplement can help you regain muscle aches, pains, and strength.

6. Support Immune Health: 

Poor immune health is a hindrance to maximum performance. BCAAs act as fuel for lymphocytes (immune cells) and strengthen them to fight foreign bodies and diseases.

7. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels: 

A decrease in the supply of glucose to skeletal muscles can affect energy levels and overall athletic performance. BCAAs, specifically leucine and isoleucine, increase glucose absorption from the blood into muscles, prevent high blood sugar levels and regulate muscle protein synthesis.

When To Take BCAAs Supplement?

One can take BCAAs with water, fruit juice or any favourite beverage.

BCAA supplements are versatile and can be taken at any time of the day. But for best results, prefer to take it before or during your workout. Active people can exercise again after a BCAA to speed up the recovery rate. If an endurance athlete wants to have an energy drink before a game, BCAAs can be mixed with energy drinks and taken together. This will provide the dual benefit of maintained energy levels and minor muscle damage.

Where To Buy BCAAs Supplement?

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