Everything You Need To Know About BCAAs

BCCAs are often found in workout supplements, but is this the only time to reap their benefits? Read on to find out how BCAAs work best for you.

What Is BCAAs?

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are a specific group of amino acids – protein blocks. The ‘branched-chain refers to the particular chemical structure of the three amino acids – The human body cannot produce them in sufficient quantities and is part of a group of essential amino acids (EAA) that we need to obtain from our diet. The names of the three Branch Chain Amino Acids are leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

When Should You Take BCAA?

So, what is the best time to take BCAAs? There are two main occasions when BCAAs have positive benefits.

1. Before Workout


If your strength training requires an energy boost, it’s best to take them before Your Workout. You can mix in your initial workouts — if they’re not already included — or own them.

You can mix them with your pre-workout protein shake for that extra Branch Chain Amino Acidsboost, or you may find that some compounds already have the optimal amount you need to feel at your highest.

2. During Workout


This is a great time to avoid excessive muscle damage while exercising – you may want to drink a Branch Chain Amino Acids drink while exercising as it is usually a juicy and refreshing way to spice up your regular watering.

3. After Workout


If you’re battling DOMS and want to improve your recovery (while building muscle), taking them after your Workout will be of great benefit to you.

You can add water and enjoy a drink post-workout or be sure to get them from a variety of protein sources as part of your next meal.

Branch Chain Amino Acids can be found in animal and plant protein sources, but if you find that one of them is relatively low in food, adding BCAAs may also be a convenient option.

Benifits Of BCAAs:

1. Premotes Muscle Building:

Like most amino acids and proteins, the main reason for taking BCAAs is to build muscle. When you challenge your muscles through exercise, they break down – and we need to get the amino acids and protein in our diet to regenerate them. As muscles move back and forth between breaking down(catabolism) and build up (anabolism), getting additional amino acids will help them build lean mass.

2. Helps Reducing Soreness:

Have you ever noticed that after 2-3 days, your workout is excruciating? This feeling is called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS, which can occur after strenuous training. BCAAs have been shown to reduce DOMS, meaning you feel less pain and can get up and return to your workouts faster.

3. Boost Your Energy:

BCAAs are often taken before a workout because they help give you more energy. Research shows that taking BCAAs can reduce the body’s feeling of fatigue, increase your performance, help you do more reps, or use more weight. In addition, having more energy to complete strenuous training provides benefits in building muscle.


The three-branch amino acid chain is a powerful trio that can impact your workout. So whether you need extra strength, are struggling with pain, or want to boost your muscle structure, using BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) as part of your training routine is precisely what you’re looking for.

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