Back Workouts: Ultimate Guide For Broader And Bigger Back


If you are a bodybuilder or desire, I do not want to impress you with how important it is to get good back workouts. You can’t see your back when you look in the mirror, and people can’t see it when you enter a room, so it makes sense if your workout doesn’t move above the table.

You need to train your back as hard as possible, so here are six exercises for five specific post-growth goals. Choose one (or more) that is best for your personal needs and follow it for 4-6 weeks.

Important Instructions You Need To Implement During These Back workouts:

  • Take at least a 90-sec pause in each set.
  • Keep drinking water during sets
  • If Possible takes BCAAs supplement during a workout.

1. Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 4 Sets (12-15 Reps):

No back workouts are complete without a lot of pull-downs. In this training guide, I suggested a special attachment with a specific no-hold-reinforced grip. Still, you don’t need the proper extension to get too many results. “You can use any strap, which allows you to extend your grip”. For a wider grip, this tutorial will target the width of your lat, which will increase your V-tape.


Instructions You Need To Implement During These Back workouts:

  • Ensure that your posture is set with your chest pushed out and your shoulders pushed back to enable the best possible contraction across your lats
  • At the top of every rep, reach right to the top to stretch your lats out as much as possible.
  • As you pull down, really push your chest out and drive your elbows down towards the floor at the bottom of the rep.
  • At the bottom of the rep (the “isometric” contraction), you need to squeeze your back muscles and kill the weight before allowing the weight to move back up again.

2. Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows: 4 Sets (12-15 Reps):

The key to a great backbone is a combination of machines and free weights.

“I like machine work, but you still have to throw some free weights,”

Curved lines help to create size, strength and mass. You can make barbell rows or dumbbell rows, but for this custom, I dumbbells.

Bend forward, place one hand on the rack and move the foot forward on that side. This stumbling position provides a place for your work to stretch between delegates. Grab the dumbbell with your free hand and kick your glutes to create a curve in your back, which will help focus your back and protect the shoulder from it. Move the dumbbell forward, then move it upward with your elbow. Stretch with each rep and centre the loop above.


Instructions You Need To Implement During These Back workouts:

  • Kneel on a bench with one knee whilst taking the dumbbell in the opposing hand
  • Have your torso parallel to the ground so that your back is slightly arched (chest out, shoulders back)
  • As you pull the dumbbell up, really drive it in towards your hip, squeezing your lats very hard.
  • On the way down, stretch right out at the bottom and reach forward slightly to exaggerate the stretch on your lats even further.

3. Close Grip Seated Cable Rows: 4 Sets (12-15 Reps):

Single-arm cable rows served to give blood to our muscles and to warm his back workouts. The primary exhaust uses a front exhaust package light load to work the front muscles.

“We do 4 sets, get good compression and a good workout. You don’t go too crazy in the training because you don’t want to pull anything. You go light and have a good sense of movement; tons of blood; lattes. Then you can be heavy. “

To do this exercise like a pro, I recommend making a light curve on your back to apply your stumps better. From there, push your elbow backwards.

“I didn’t try to use my hand to move the weight because the focus was on the back.”

Bring your elbows to your side, go through your hips as much as possible, and at that time, try to pull your shoulders down to engage the lower legs. If you do not drop your shoulder, you will lift your arms and shoulders and work by placing the netting and delts on your back.


Instructions You Need To Implement During These Back workouts:

  • Use a “V” style attachment.
  • Put your leg on the footplate and push your chest out, keeping your shoulders back to gain a solid position to begin your set
  • Sustaining that position, drive your elbows backwards whilst squeezing your lats hard
  • Lean forward slightly and move back as you “row” the weight to gain a further stretch on your lats. How ever, don’t overreach and stress your lower back
  • As you “row”, the weight pause momentarily and squeeze more (the “isometric” contraction)

4. Rack Pulls 4 Sets (12-15 Reps):

Rack Pulls the best way to finish your back workouts
“It kills your tentacles, middle spine, and lower back in a single motion, so it eventually destroys everything.”

The important point in pulling is making sure that you are not going to land. A pull bridge only goes to the knees because you are not trying to train your feet or hit your thighs; you want to hit your back.

Set the rack apart with your legs and arms about shoulder-width apart. Kick those glutes to lock the lower back arch and keep your knees open. If you are in the gym, you can use a Smith machine or barbell. If either is not available or at home or on the go, get a heavy dumbbell.


Instructions You Need To Implement During These Back workouts:

  • Set the bar in the rack just below knee height.
  • Grip the bar shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your back arched with your chest out, and shoulders pushed back.
  • As you lift the bar, drive through with your hips, so your back remains straight and lockout at the top of the rep to exaggerate the tension on the muscle groups in your back.

5. Pull-Ups: 4 Sets (12-15 Reps):


Let Finish our back workouts with 4 sets of pull-ups, It will commletely exust your back and then you can take rest for 6 days for recovery from brutal back workouts.

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