Authenticity check – About half of the supplements sold in India are suspect – they are either parallel imports or fake. Fake supplements may contain banned substances, such as steroids, which may cause permanent damage to your body.

At The ARC Fitness, we strive to provide 100% authentic products to our customers by maintaining tight quality control during the sourcing and distribution of supplements. We also offer a 7-day return policy to our customers, in case you are not satisfied with the product quality.

We Work In Collaboration with all the Popular Global Brands

There are numerous sellers in the market who supply fake, illegitimate products as they can be obtained at half the price of their original counterparts. Arc Fitness sources all products directly from authorized importers of the manufacturing company. We do not involve any middlemen or secondary distributors like most others in this market. Arc Fitness works for a passion for fitness and bodybuilding and not for commercial gain. We commit a lot of time, money, and effort to ensure that you get what you paid for.

With Arc Fitness, you can be at peace as only the most genuine products will reach your doorstep. Authenticity matters and we promise to deliver what you paid for, no surprises there! In case you find something wrong with your product, you can check at the time of delivery and benefit from our free returns and replacements policy.

International Brands

ARC Fitness work in collaboration with many global brands like Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize, Ultimate Nutrition (Brands available on ARC Fitness online store).


All the products at are sourced only from the official importers and we are certified for distribution by them. We do not involve any middleman or secondary distributors like most others in this market.

ARC Warehouse

We always ensure that whenever we receive any product shipment from the supplier that shipment of the product should be in new condition, every product checked by our trained staff at ARC Fitness warehouse.


First and foremost we understand the condition of the product at it is consumable and that’s why we opt for proper authenticate importers in the concern. Along with that our packaging is total as per the standardize method.

Why ARC Fitness?

The product varies from importer to the supplier, then to a retailer, and then to the retailer, increasing the customer’s chance of getting a counterfeit product when a retailer makes a purchase. But here at ARC Fitness, we have bridged this gap between importer and consumer. ARC Fitness maintains quality and authenticity in this way until the final product is delivered to the customer.

Our Trustworthy Importers

Bright Performance Nutrition
Paradise Nutrition

Bright Performance Nutrition is a leading importer of nutritional and health-related products and supplements. They have officially authorized importer for Optimum Nutrition and Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition products in India across all channels. They also have Ultimate Nutrition, MUTANT and SCITEC Nutrition as our clients.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No. – 022-6267-4848
Website –

Brands – BSN, Isopure, Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, Mutant, Scitec Nutrition

Pearl International

Pearl International are one of India’s leading importer for sports nutrition brands, offering a great range of products. They are the official importer for all leading brands.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No.– 022-25150020
Website –

Brands – Dymatize, Bpi Sports, Rule 1, GAT Sports, RSP Nutrition, EVL Nutrition

Arc Distributors

For more than a decade, Arc Distributors have been importing and distributing products from reputed brands.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No. – 022-28602323
Website –

Brands – Alpino, Genetic Nutrition, ANS Nutrition, Dymatize Nutrition, Need Nutrition, Reload, Supps, NB Isopure, Direct Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, SAN

Shri Balaji overseas

Shri Balaji overseas is the official importer of many top international brands.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No.– 9268885807
Website –

Brands – Muscletech, Muscle Pharm, Ronnie Coleman, Universal Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, RSP Nutrition

Arena Impex

Arena Impex have been importing and distributing products from reputed brands.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No. – 7710012900
Website –

Brands – Ronnie Coleman, Rule 1, Rivalus, Syntrax


MHI is an authorized distributor of various nutritional supplements and offers them a promise of percentage authenticity. All our products are delivered across India with authentic holograms.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No.– 9268885807
Website –

Brands – Musclepharm, Dymatize, One Science Nutrition, Gaspari Nutrition

Paradise Nutrition

Paradise Nutrition, Inc. Is an import and distribution company established in 2002? Our goal is to provide the world’s best manufactured nutritional supplements, sports fitness accessories in the Indian market. We do not compromise on the quality of products; we distribute the best brands globally that meet high-quality standards directly from manufacturers and do not deal with any third party manufactured brands. One thing that has been consistent in our journey is our love for what we do and our focus on delivering quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Email Id –,
Customer Care Helpline No. – 22-6641-2000
Website –

Brands – BIO FIT, Go nutrition, Xtend, Ultimate Nutrition, Harbinger, SAN


Pintola is strive to be the best company in India for peanut butter and related products. We endeavor to achieve this goal by providing the healthy, delicious and ready-to-eat food products.

Email Id –
Customer Care Helpline No. – 18002747144
Website –

Brands – Pintola