ARC Points

There can be no greater joy in shopping. Now for every purchase, you make on ARC Fitness, get special points. These points are called ‘ARC Points’ which can be redeemed on your next purchase.

What are ARC points?

On every purchase, you will get ARC points.

Example : If you shop for Rs.1000/- you will get 100 ARC points directly credited to your registered ARC account.

ARC Points value :

100 points – Rs. 20
500 points – Rs. 100

Where to find ARC points?

Once the order is successfully placed, ARC points will be immediately credited to your account. You can use them against your next order, stack them, and use it against certain product categories like Protein Supplements, and Gainers.

Are ARC points transferable?

No, ARC points are non-transferable.

Do ARC points expires?

Yes, the ARC points will be expired in 3 months from the date received, if not used.

Is ARC points reversible / refundable?

Yes, in case the product is not delivered to the customer or returned/rejected by customer, ARC points credited at the time of placing the particular order will be deducted from the account.