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Arc Fitness is an online destination for all your fitness needs. From 100% genuine supplements like whey protein, fat burners, mass gainers, weight gainers to herbal and Ayurveda products to other Health supplements and top bodybuilding supplements you need., you will get them all here. We aim to introduce a fusion of comfort and authenticity to your fitness regimes.

Arc Fitness is your only One-Stop-shop for authentic and 100% genuine health supplements and health foods. From personal fitness training to thinking about the supplements and proteins you need, it makes it easy for you to buy 100% genuine and authentic health products. We will deliver to all your fitness needs through our online channel Arc Fitness in India’s cities. Arc Fitness is your nutritionist, supplement/protein expert and provider of all the tools and products you need to stay healthy.

Our Specialty:

Arc Fitness enters the world of fitness with a standard pledge. Arc Fitness is your fitness expert from a wide range of Whey protein, mass gainers, and pre/post-workout essentials to other Health supplements/products you need. Also, other features make Arc Fitness one of the best health and top bodybuilding supplement online store 

  1. A wide range of Top Bodybuilding Supplements product with leading brands such as Dymatize Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Ronnie Coleman, MuscleTech.
  2. Option to compare your products before buying them.
  3. Exclusive discounts and offers 
  4. Arc Points on every purchase
  5. 100% authentic and genuine protein supplements online store
  6. Easy delivery and return 
  7. Easy payment method
  8. Best safety standards

Unleash your fitness regime with the right health supplements like whey protein, Bcaa, pre/post-workout, gainers and multivitamins.

Protein Supplements:


Whey Protein: It is a high-quality, well-absorbed protein source that is very useful in setting daily targeted protein goals. Its benefits extend to increasing protein intake in general, such as increasing muscle gain by combining resistance training, limiting muscle loss during a low-calorie diet, and moderately reducing fat gain during a high-calorie diet. It helps in muscle growth, weight loss, and it also helps to maintain blood pressure.

Isolate Whey Protein: Isolate Whey protein contains about 90% protein. Iso whey protein is processed enough to make it lactose, carbs and fat-free. Some of the best whey protein isolate supplements from brands like DymatizeNutrition, Ultimate NutritionScitec Nutrition etc., are packed with all the essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. The best part about isolate supplements is that our body can quickly absorb them.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein: Hydrolyzed whey protein supplements are generally considered the purest form of whey protein and have the highest absorption rate as they are easy to digest. Hydrolyzed whey protein contains about 90% protein and zero per cent lactose. Some of the best hydro include Dymatize Iso 100 whey protein and Ultimate Nutrition whey protein powder.

Casein Protein: Casein protein helps the muscles synthesize and provide complete nutrition and retention in the body for about 7 hours, which keeps your body in an anti-catabolic condition and prevents muscle damage.

Blend Protein: Stable nutrition for maximum muscle gain, In addition to providing an immediate source of nutrition for your muscles, it is also essential to ensure that they have a constant food supply to deal with one of the significant issues with muscle gain.

Weight Gainers And Mass Gainers:

Lean Mass Gainers: A muscle gainer intends to make them gain muscle mass. A mass gainer is a high-calorie supplement where proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and many other ingredients are at different levels. There are high protein levels compared to carbohydrates and fats because it increases the body’s calorie level for muscle gain.

Weight Gainers: A weight gainer intends to make the eater put on weight. An overweight person can be understood as a bodybuilding supplement. It is usually included in a powder form, containing many calories and a large amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. A large amount of each serving for muscle regeneration and growth to be done correctly.

Pre/Post Workout Supplements:


BCAA (Branched Amino Acid): Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refer to 3 amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAA supplementation can boost muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth added for low dietary protein intake. Branched-chain amino acids are building blocks of рrоtein. Such as In order fоr yоur bоdy tо rebuild and give new musсle, you need these аminо асids. There are 20 in tоtаl, 11 in the case of bоdy power. Hоwever, bоdy can’t get nine, get more food, or suррlements.

Pre/Post WorkoutBy providing your body with extra carbohydrates, the pre/post-workout glucose helps raise blood sugar levels and provide additional energy during a workout. You can take pre-workouts 20-30 minutes before your workout session.

Workout Essential Supplements:

Glutamine: Glutamine is the complete amino acid in the body and is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid. When the body does not have an easy source of glucose, the body converts glutamine into glucose. Glutamine acts as a fuel source for intestinal fat cells, and without it, these cells can be damaged. It is just as crucial for the body as it is for the function of white blood cells. In studies, glutamine has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. Glutamine is naturally found in high protein foods such as meat, fish, beans and dairy products.

Creatine: Creatine is a natural Object that revolves into creatine phosphate in the body. Creatine phosphate helps to make something called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides muscle contraction. The body produces some of the creative work. It is also found in foods rich in protein, such as meat or fish.

Energy DrinksEnergy-boosting dry drinks are a safe, effective and easy way to provide natural energy and keep you mentally active. These drinks contain antioxidants and other vital nutrients, and sometimes you can get caffeine to provide extra stimulation when you slow down. If you need a little help going to the gym, energy drinks can be your favourite secret weapon.

ZMA: The essential ZMA supplement gives you a sufficient amount of these essential minerals. Although ZMA is known for its ability to improve sleep, here are some actual health benefits of including this supplement in your diet.

Multivitamin Supplements:


Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins and minerals are digested and absorbed into your body. There аre а variety of vitamins аnd minerаls you need in your diet to function. Vitаmins аre оrgаniс соmроunds mаde frоm рlаnts, animals аnd humаns. Minerаls аre rаre, nаturаl curring in sоil аnd wаter. Рlаnts absorb minerаls thrоugh their roots аnd yоu absorb minerals when you eat рlаnt fооds. Аnimаls аlsо eаt рlаnts, sо уоu саn аlsо get minerals indirectly by eating food frоm аnimаl sоurсes.

Fish Oil: Fish oil and liver oil supplements are made with polyunsaturated fatty acid essential fatty acids, helping manage your system and fight joint inflammation. 

Besides, Fish liver oil supplies vitamin A a powerful antioxidant and Vitamin D necessary for maintaining healthy joints. 

Fish Oil Capsules play a role in lowering cholesterol and lipid levels in your blood so that they will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in people with inflammatory diseases.

Omega-3: Omega 3 Capsules are great for your brain, heart and eyes. In addition to controlling heart rate and blood pressure, omega 3 capsules or omega 3 tablets help produce various hormones in our body.

Fat Loss Supplements:

Fat Burners: Fat burner is used for supplements that help lose fat faster by effectively improving fat metabolism. These Pills include many natural ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Garcinia Cambogia, which can boost your metabolism and give you the results you want.

L- Carnitine: L-carnitine helps convert fat into energy by transporting fat, particularly long-chain fatty acids, into cells’ mitochondria. Although, fatty acids are oxidized to be used as fuel by generating ATP. L-carnitine is beneficial during intense exercise. It comes in powder, liquid and tablets form.

Ayurveda And Herbal Products:


Amla: Amla Powder is considered one of the most vital rejuvenating and antioxidant traditional herb. It is believed to have several health benefits. It may help balance the stomach functions, may help enhance the well-being & body functions.

Herbal Tea: Herbal Tea is a traditional formula that combines ingredients to promote healthy heart functioning. This formula is the result of years of research and formulation by experts. Each element is carefully chosen. When combined, these ingredients help to regulate blood pressure and healthy heart functioning.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha Powder is a traditional herb and is used since ancient times for various conditions. It is considered to possess strong antioxidant properties. It may help nourish the nervous and immune system by normalizing energy levels and immune functions.

Brahmi: Brahmi Powder is a prevalent brain tonic herb. Brahmi has active ingredient Backsides, which may support mental functions.

Giloy: The botanical name of the Guduchi plant is Tinospora cordifolia, while the common name is Giloy or Gulvel. It contains zinc, copper, alkaloids, amino acids, ascorbic acid, carotene, calcium etc. Adding to these nutrients, Guduchi stem powder also contains iron, manganese, carotene, polysaccharide etc. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants that fight free radicals, keep the cells healthy, and eliminate diseases. It thus promotes healthy living.


Gurmar Powder in Sanskrit denotes “Sugar Destroyer”. Human and animal studies confirmed that Gurmar (Gymnema) helps to maintain sugar levels. thus It is considered to have astringent & hepatic stimulant properties that may act on the pancreas, adrenal glands & digestive glands to maintain an average sugar level in the blood.

Jambu Beej: Jambu seed is a traditional herb considered to help in healthy blood sugar management. Jambu seeds support liver function and also possess antioxidant property. They help promote the working of the digestive system. Jambu has been found useful in promoting the parts of the pancreas.

Karela: Natural Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) powder – Sugar balance herb, Karela is a traditional fruit that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels & healthy lipid levels. It may help to remove undesirable elements from the body.

Natural Fenugreek Methi: Natural Fenugreek Methi Powder seeds have been used since ancient times in joint health management. It may help reduce symptoms related to stress/pain. Being a good source of dietary fibre may support blood sugar levels in the normal range.

Safed Musli: Safed Musli Powder is a traditional herb considered to improve overall energy levels. It may help nourish each tissue in the body.

Shatavari: Shatavari Powder is the main rejuvenating traditional herb for women. It may support the maintenance of healthy female reproductive organs. Shatavari has also considered a source of plant driven estrogen, making Shatavari a healthy choice for nursing, menopausal & postmenopausal women.

Explore Superior Quality Health And Fitness Products

India’s health and allied industries’ biggest concern is that these products may be counterfeit or fake. These products contain steroids and other banned substances that are harmful to your body.

Arc Fitness ensures that customers receive only 100% authentic products by following stringent quality control measures from sourcing to each product’s delivery time. All foods are available directly from the manufacturer to prevent contamination that may affect your health.

Our Specialty: Select, Compare, Easy Payment And Fast Delivery

Arc Fitness aims to be your partner in your fitness journey rather than the source of your nutritional needs. The range of products that Arc Fitness carries ensures that you get exactly what you need to reach specific fitness goals.

Why Arc Fitness is the Right Choice For Health And Fitness Supplements

Get a wide variety of Health Supplements at once: Whatever supplements you want, we make sure you can find them at Arc Fitness. Our wide range of products includes whey protein, mass gainers, fish oil, amino acids and other health supplements you may need. It allows consumers to compare prices and features such as their nutritional value before purchasing products.

100% Authentic Supplements Brands: Every product you order with Arc Fitness is guaranteed authenticity, comes directly from the manufacturer and makes sure you are safe to use. It includes premium brands and a wide range of products such as Dymatize Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, Ronnie Coleman, Optimum Nutrition, Muscletech, Isopure.

Information About All Products: Before buying a product such as whey protein isolate or Multivitamin Supplements, make sure you understand its characteristics and what you need to achieve your fitness goals. Arc Fitness provides comprehensive information on all products, including nutrients, when to use, why required, and how to use. It allows users to make informed decisions every time.

Expert Consultation:

 Arc Fitness provides access to a team of experienced and certified fitness and nutrition experts to answer any questions you may have about your health and fitness Products. You can call or send an email to contact these experts to resolve your problems at no cost.

Pocket-Friendly Deals: One of Arc Fitness primary goals is to evaluate products honestly. Such as getting the best value for your money with Arc Points, exclusive discounts, Offers, exciting deals, Recommend friends rewards. 

Arc Points On Every Purchase: Every time you purchase on Arc Fitness, Once your order is successfully delivered and passed the 7-day return, ARC Points will be credited to your account. You can immediately use them against your next order, stack them, and use it against any product. ARC Points are valid only on all prepaid payment modes, i.e. Net banking, all Bank Debit & Credit Cards and Wallets.

Delivering Products To Your Home Safely: Arc Fitness makes it easy to get the products you need. Once you have selected the protein shakes or other healthy ingredients you need, they will be shipped to your home in secure packaging.

Easy Payment Options: Arc also offers the opportunity to make your payments through Net banking, all Bank Debit & Credit Card.

Arc Fitness Return Policy

Return and delivery policies with Arc Fitness are very easy for your benefit.

  • Deliver products within 4-7 working days of placing your order.
  • You can track the order via the email link after purchase.
  • We offer a 7-day return policy if the customer receives a defective product.
  • For More Information Go Through Arc Fitness Return Policy Link

Arc Fitness Shipping And Delivery 


Once you place an order, you always think about the delivery period. Everyone wants prompt delivery as soon as the order is placed.

  • At Arc Fitness, you have the opportunity to review the status of your orders and other relevant information in the ‘My Account’ section.
  • You will be notified by email and text message about your order placement and shipping details.

Arc Fitness Product Authenticity 

The ARC Fitness strives to provide 100% authentic products to our customers by maintaining tight quality control during the sourcing and distribution of supplements. We also offer a 7-day return policy to our customers if you are not satisfied with the product quality.

  • Arc Fitness sources all products directly from authorized importers of the manufacturing company. 
  • We do not involve any middlemen or secondary distributors like most others in this market. 
  • Please go through our arc authenticity page for more information.

Arc Fitness Birth

Arc Fitness is an online destination for all your fitness needs. From 100% genuine supplements to an exclusive athletic wear line, you will get them all here. We aim to introduce a fusion of comfort and authenticity to your fitness regimes. The Arc Fitness was established by fitness enthusiast Ajay Chaudhary out of his passion for bodybuilding.

When he had a grip on bodybuilding, he perceived too many businesses in the market that sold fake supplements while carrying out unethical practices like not providing a proper bill with every sale and delivering deceived products. Dissatisfied with the state of things, he decided to change things by himself, and as a consequence, he came up with The Arc Fitness.

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