4 Tips To Avoid Weight gain During Covid-19 Situation


In this covid-19 lockdown situation, most people at home taking rest eating more calories leads to unnecessary weight gain.
The endless procession of resting phase food is a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view. If you are in bulk at this time of year, a good plan on your part will drive you crazy. On the other hand, if you’re in 24/7 mode, overall, it’s a scary time, even if you don’t want to. However, this should not be your downfall. Use these five tricks to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Food:


More calories carry a lot of weight gain – that is – for the resting phase. The more pies, cookies and bread you have, the more you will eat. There is a fork here, a thin razor, and you will soon add a hundred more calories to your day. It is time for action; you have several options:

Don’t worry about wasting food. It can land in the litter or on your hips or thighs. If the dessert is delicious, throw it away. You can use this trick to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

2. Keep Track Of Your Weight:

Are you one of those who illegally pushed your size in a linen closet during the resting phase? Have you learned over time that it is better not to know how many pounds you gain in a year?

Knowing yourself often about what is happening with your eating habits during the holidays will increase your awareness. Aim to be within a few pounds of your average weight during this time, and weigh in several times a week for a quick response on how well you are doing. Keeping your pre-lock-down weight within a few pounds will make it easier to organize. You can use this strategy to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

3. Drink Protein Shakes To Satisfy Your Cravings:


Sometimes people drink a big glass of water or eat a big meal before going to the festival, so they don’t drink too much. You can use the same approach to eating, but instead of drinking water, you should shake a whey protein before going out for cardio. Whey protein stimulates the release of many satisfying hormones, so you cannot eat as much as you want.

Compared to the control day, they did not drink any whey protein before meals, and they consumed fewer calories in proportion to the amount of whey protein drinks before meals. On average, people who take 22-30 grams of whey protein before meals eat 120-200 calories. You can use this trick to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

4. Take a Walk Or Do Some Kind Of Activity:


In this covid-19 lock-down situations, gyms are shut down, so you can’t manage to follow your workout routine, so don’t worry, take some rest to enjoy your resting phase; you deserve to rest.
Do the occasional walk as a stand. After a big meal, go straight to bed and walk out the door; it only takes 15-20 minutes. Help children take them along.

Start your day with a bit of walk, and you can burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes. You can also burn calories through window shopping. You can use this trick to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

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