4 Ultimate Bodybuilding Nutrition Foods For Healthy Diet


Bodybuilding nutrition is the foundation of your results. If you aren’t consistent with your eating, you will struggle to see any positive changes.
Bodybuilding Nutrition is a puzzle with many essential parts, As a result, combine to create your foundation for results. Your diet will help dictate your metabolic rate, recovery rate, ability to build muscle, and ultimately nourish the body’s needed.

As we did with the training side of things. I want to take you through some key Bodybuilding nutrition points. understand the different aspects of good nutrition. the essential areas of food and helping you gain a better understanding. However, you will inevitably appreciate their importance of them that much more. As a result, you will become more accountable. so make sure you take the time to read through these points and digest them.

Bodybuilding Nutrition is far more complicated than calories, Which you are about to learn. If you are entirely dedicated to achieving a fantastic result, then you must appreciate correct bodybuilding nutrition.

1. Protein

Protein plays an intrinsic part in your bodybuilding nutrition programme. I want to reinforce the importance of protein and explain why not all protein is equal.
Firstly, here’s what a high protein diet will do for you:

  • Provide necessary amino acids to allow for recovery and growth
  • Improve satiety levels by helping balance your bold sugar level
  • Maximise muscle protein synthesis (MPS) levels which is fundamental to muscle growth
  • Protect you against catabolism (the loss of muscle tissue)

Although, having a high protein diet will enable you to transform your physique that much quicker. Going beyond a high protein diet. it’s also vital that you plan your protein intake correctly throughout the day at the correct times. Specific protein source will digest better than others at set times of the day, so you this has been taken into account for your programme.

I like to have a broad range of protein sources to give you a full spectrum of amino acids and to provide variety; one of the most common factors in gut issues is overeating the same protein source over and over again, which is very common in the fitness industry. To avoid this, I always like to include multiple protein sources on a day to day basis.


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2. Fats

Include essential fatty acids in a bodybuilding nutrition programme for multiple reasons. bearing in mind that it is deemed an “essential” nutrient for the body to function. However Healthy fats help elevate your natural testosterone production, boost your energy levels, support fat loss, support brain function, cardiac health and joint health. Even on a fat loss based diet, you’ll be consuming healthy fats to support your goals.

Your fat sources predominately want to be rich in omega 3s because they support improved insulin sensitivity, which is fundamental to burning fat and building muscle! However, having small amounts of saturated fat can help raise natural testosterone output, which is why I like to include a diverse range of fats in your diet.


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3. Carbohydrates

Adding a good amount of carbohydrate is important for your bodybuilding nutrition programme. Predominately carbohydrates are there to support your energy levels and ensure you’ve got enough fuel to train at the intensity your workout requires of you. However, consuming the right amount of carbohydrates from suitable sources will help keep your muscles fuller. You’re also going to sustain a higher metabolic rate naturally. This occurs as carbohydrates directly impact thyroid output, which governs your metabolism to an extent.

As with the other nutrients, quality is critical with carbohydrates. You want carbohydrates that are easy for the body to process and utilize. Specific carbohydrate sources will lend themselves better to certain times of the day. For instance, a slower digesting carbohydrates source is more suitable for midway, as where a faster-digesting carbohydrate is probably a better choice in the post-workout window for most.


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4. Fibre

Fibre is the key bodybuilding nutrition that you can add to balance your healthy diet. As a result, final part of your diet is fibre. There are two types of fibre, soluble and insoluble, and you must get a blend of both. I’m a massive proponent of supporting optimal gut health to get the best possible results, as this is where your body breaks nutrients down and uses them (or not, if your gut isn’t working well). Fibre plays an essential role in supporting gut health and digestion, and you will find these food types are also very nutrient-dense and low in calories make them perfect for you.

The majority of your fibre-based foods should be green to get plenty of good fibre and get many nutrients and minerals. Provided you exercise some common sense, you don’t need to obsess too much about fibre beyond including enough from the suitable sources, as listed below.


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